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reiki, wellness scans, hypno-reiki, breathwork, soundbaths
sound baths breathwork, reiki, wellnes scans

Breathe Grace




Break Free from Stuck Emotions, Addictions,
Emotional Eating, Quit Smoking, Anxiety & Depression
Experience Freedom!


At Breathe Grace, I am committed to helping you bring balance, breakthrough,  and joy to your life.  I offer a broad range of sessions, programs, and classes.  It's time to invite more meaning and calm to your life.

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Hypnotherapy for stop smoking, emotional eating, weight loss, depression, anxiety
Hypnotherapy for stop smoking, emotional eating, weight loss, depression, anxiety
Hypnotherapy for stop smoking, emotional eating, weight loss, depression, anxiety

Experience With Us

Sound Bath



Hypnotherapy for stop smoking, emotional eating, weight loss, depression, anxiety
Hypnotherapy for stop smoking, emotional eating, weight loss, depression, anxiety

What People are Saying


Katrina is intuitive and cares about her clients. She truly wants to help others.    Kelly Hughes

I’ve been seeing Katrina Porter for years as a massage therapist and other areas of her expertise. Katrina is the kindest individual and uses her many years of holistic medical training in every way she can to help others. I consider her a true gem in her many holistic fields and paths to helping and healing others. Claudia Estrada

Katrina has the biggest heart ❤️ for helping others and the Breathwork session I did with her was heart opening and helped me begin to heal a deep part of myself. I highly recommend her to help you heal. Sarah Goible


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’m so grateful to Katrina! 🙏She put my health back to 100%!!! She is very knowledgeable and offers many avenues to better your health. I would give more ⭐️if I could. Thank you for being a good listener to me and my body. Driving from south county is totally worth it!  ~ Natalie

I have had the privilege of visiting this remarkable massage therapist for the past 13 years, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for their incredible skills and unwavering dedication to their craft. It's high time I share my experience with the world!


From the moment I stepped foot into their serene and inviting space, I knew I had found a true haven of relaxation and healing. The ambiance is soothing, with soft lighting, gentle music, and a comforting aroma that instantly melts away any stress or tension.


Katrina’s expertise is truly unparalleled. They possess an intuitive touch, effortlessly identifying and addressing every knot, ache, or tight muscle with precision and care. Over the years, they have become attuned to my specific needs, always ensuring a tailored experience that leaves me feeling rejuvenated, both physically and mentally.


Their extensive knowledge of various massage techniques is evident, as they seamlessly blend modalities to create a personalized treatment for every session. Whether it's Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, or even aromatherapy, they consistently deliver an exceptional level of therapeutic relief that surpasses my expectations.


Beyond their remarkable skills, the therapist's warm and compassionate nature truly sets them apart. They create a safe space where I can openly discuss any concerns or discomfort I may have, ensuring that each visit is uniquely tailored to address my holistic well-being. Their genuine care and attentiveness make every session feel like a transformative experience, leaving me with a profound sense of tranquility and balance.


Moreover, their professionalism and attention to detail deserve a special mention. The cleanliness and hygiene protocols at this establishment are exemplary, instilling a sense of trust and confidence in their commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment.


Thank you for consistently going above and beyond, and for being an essential source of rejuvenation in my life. Jillian Jean West


There is a reason this business has survived so long. Amazing service and an amazing owner. She always provides me A+ service.  Angelic Dirden

I have used Katrina’s massage therapy services for years. She has been very kind, dependable and professional. Her years of experience and willingness to continue to grow in her field have been inspiring. I highly recommend her, and I am thankful for the years I have been able to receive her services. Jennifer Newman

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